Here, the CrossAzure.Net Support Team will post their Replies to the most Common Questions.

What is CrossAzure.Net?

CrossAzure.Net is a social media platform for human liberty, designed and created by Ordo Militaris Inc., a Christian security corporation dedicated to the defense of Christians wherever they are persecuted.

CrossAzure.Net is a platform designed to allow free speech for those opposed to Globalism, Freemasonry, Satanism and the persecution of innocents.

Who can use CrossAzure.Net?

CrossAzure.Net can be used freely by any human being of any language, race or creed.

What does “Cross Azure” mean?

The symbol of our endeavor is the Cross of the Italian Republic of Amalfi with colors reversed, that is a Azure Cross on a white field, to symbolize that just as in that ancient maritime republic there was freedom and protection of Christians and commerce, so CrossAzure.Net is dedicated to the freedom and protection of Christians and of all innocents.

Can I invest in CrossAzure.Net?

For more information about how to invest, please see our stock prospectus, by clicking here.